Mission: The Pitter Patter Puppy House is dedicated to rescuing dogs and puppies from unfortunate circumstances where they were abandoned, neglected, abused or surrendered. We are committed to providing them a quality of life they deserve by finding them their furever loving home and family.

newspaper-1 See our article on NorthJersey.com! LYNDHURST — Two years ago, Lacey was abandoned in a Mississippi warehouse with her 14 puppies.

“When I read about her, my heart broke,” Lyndhurst resident Donna Scardelli said about Lacey’s plight posted on Facebook two years ago.

Scardelli, then just a self-proclaimed animal lover, immediately reached out to the poster to see what she could do to help, and soon after she and her son drove down to Mississippi to pick up Lacey, and her puppies. Lacey was a sorry sight. She was malnourished and had heartworm. Seven of her puppies didn’t survive, succumbing to distemper.

Scardelli was able to find homes in New Jersey for Lacey and the seven surviving puppies — one of which she kept.

The saving of Lacey and her pups was the birth of the Pitter Patter Puppy House, a local animal rescue, run by Scardelli. Two years since the rescue was established, a milestone was reached with the rescuing of almost 400 dogs.

In 2016, they rescued a total of 206 dogs and puppies, with 194 of them being adopted into loving homes, according to Scardelli. Five are still waiting to find families.

Pitter Patter Puppy House rescues dogs of all ages, from puppies to pregnant dogs to senior dogs surrendered to shelters.

“We do our best to find them all homes,” Scardelli said.